About the Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held on Friday December 16th, 2017 from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm at Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico.


9:00 AMRegistration and Breakfast
9:45 AMWelcome Messages & Presentation of Participants
Idalia Ramos, Program Director, UPR-Humacao
Arjun Yodh, PREM Co-PI and Director PENN MRSEC
Andrew McGhie, Associate Director PENN MRSEC
10:00 AMParallel Sessions
Room A: IRG-1,

"Multifunctional Nanodevices from Optoelectronic Materials" (Abstracts, O-1:O-4)
10:00Overview: Idalia Ramos & Nicholas Pinto, Group Leaders
10:10O-1: Synthesis and Characterization of Organic Borazine Compounds, Margarita Ortiz, UPR-Humacao
10:30O-2: Liquid ion gel gated of organic and inorganic devices, Nicholas Pinto, UPR-Humacao
10:50Coffee break
11:00O-3: Carbon materials derived from sucrose for electronic devices, sensor and energy storage, Idalia Ramos, UPR-Humacao
11:20O-4: Electron transport mechanisms in the assembly of carbon microspheres, Natalya Zimbovskaya, UPR-Humacao
11:40Discussion and plans for the future
Room B: IRG-2, "Nanoscale Interactions of Macromolecules at Soft and Hard Interfaces"
10:00Overview: Rolando Oyola & José Sotero, Group Leaders
10:10O-5: Understanding the effect of ligand density and pore size on protein binding capacity of affinity membranes, Vibha Bansal1, Ivan Dmochowski2, Ezio Fasoli3, Rolando Oyola3 & José Sotero3, 1UPR-Cayey, 2PENN, 3UPR-Humacao
10:50Coffee break
11:00O-6: Nanoscale interactions with cellulose-based materials, Victor Pantojas1 & Josee Vedrine2, 1UPR-Cayey, 2UPR-Humacao
11:30O-7: Protein/peptide interactions with nanoparticles, Rolando Oyola1, José Sotero1, Anamaris Meléndez1, Idalia Ramos1 & Feng Gai2, 1UPR-Humacao, 2PENN
12:00Closing remarks and plans for the future
12:15 PMWorking Lunch
1:30 PMIRG's and Education Group Reports
1:30    IRG-1: Idalia Ramos & Nicholas Pinto
1:50    IRG-2: Rolando Oyola & José Sotero
2:10    Education: Gilda Jiménez
2:40 PMGroup Photo
3:00 PMStudent Poster Presentations
4:30 PMAdvisory Committee meets to write report
5:30 PMClosing